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Using 11890 Business Search you can search for Irish business listings nationwide. Simply enter the name or business type, the location or county in which it may be located and click "Find".

Tips for Using 11890 Business Search

11890 has created Business Search to make it as easy as possible for you to find the business number you're looking for. Below are some search tips which will maximise your Business Search results.

Search for a Business by Name or Type

In the "Looking For" search box you can enter in the business name that you are looking for. You don't need to add the Limited or LTD, we'll take care of that!

If you don't know or are not too sure of the business name you are looking for, then type in the business type or category. As you are typing, our drop down box will show you a selection of relevant categories, simply choose the one you think fits best. This is good for broad searches, for example looking for a hairdresser, or mechanic, or supermarket.

Business Search by Category

 Search for a Business by Location

Maximise your search results by entering the city, town, village or county in which you wish to search.  As you type, our drop down box will give you all the options relating to the letters you have typed. This is great if you are unsure of the spelling of a place name! Once you see the location you want to search in, select it from the list and click "Find".

 Business Search by Location - City, Town, Village or County

Search Results

Once you have your search result(s) you will see the business name, address, and phone number. Our map to the right of search results will show you the location of businesses pin pointed out for you with number markers. If a marker doesn't appear for a search result, it may mean that the business location had not yet been marked on our maps.

 Save and Share a Number

11890 has number saving and sharing features that you will not get from any other Irish online Directory Enquiries. You can now send yourself a business number by SMS, email, or share it on Facebook and Twitter. You can also temporarily save multiple numbers at a time. We've given a short explanation of how you can use each feature, but nothing is better thatn giving them a go yourself!

Save to My Numbers iconSave to "My Numbers"

You can save multiple numbers all in one place using the My Number icon. This feature is session based so when you leave the website, the numbers you have saved will be cleared.


Send Via Email

Send a Number via Email

By using the Email icon you can send a business number along with a Maps and More link. Simply enter an address in the "To" and "From" field.


Send via SMS iconSend a Number via SMS

You can text a business search result to any Irish mobile by using the SMS icon. There is a limit of 5 texts per day to any given mobile number so use them wisely!


 Share via Facebook iconShare a Number on Facebook

You can share business details on your Facebook page. This is great for organising a meeting, event or a night out! Mention your friends or add a personal message.


 Share a Number on TwitterShare via Twitter Icon

You can also Tweet business details to your followers, mention friends or colleagues, or simply promote your business listing and map from our site.


Maps and Directions Maps And More Link

Click on the Maps and Directions icon to see business details on a map. From here you can get directions, geo co-ordinates to input to a sat-nav, and street view where available.


Improve Business Leads with 11890 Business Services

We understand the importance of relationships and communications in business. Contact our team today by calling 11890 or emailing corporate@11890.ie for more information on our bespoke business services.

Our business services include:

  • Bespoke Call Centre Services
  • Customer Service and Help Lines
  • Virtual Office Assistance
  • Business Listings by Type or Location


Promote Your Business for Free

Reach potential customers by registering a business listing with 11890 Directory Enquiries. It's free, easy and will take 30 seconds. Click on the button below or contact our team at corporate@11890.ie or by phoning 01 686 9100.



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