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About Call 11890 Ltd

11890 is the next generation Irish Directory Enquiries company. Established in 2006, 11890 is managed and based in Ireland providing jobs in Galway and Dublin. Impeccable knowledge of the local geography and friendly Irish operators ensure that you get the right telephone number when you need it in a hurry.

11890 provide call, text and web-search services to Irish customers for business and residential listings. Call and text customers receive their Directory Enquiry in SMS format which is free and sent straight to your mobile phone. Web-search customers can share their directory enquiry via email or on social networks. Whatever way you talk to 11890, we make Directory Enquiries easy for you.

As the next generation Directory Enquiries company, 11890 strive for continuous innovation and are the only Directory Enquiries company in Ireland to provide a link to a map and directions for business locations. This service enables SmartPhone users to access maps, directions, distance and travel time directly from their 11890 Directories Enquiries SMS that contains an enhanced link. Read more about 11890 Maps about More on our blog

11890 are a fully Irish owned company and are a proud supporter of Irish jobs and Irish communities. As our headquarters are in Dublin, we are long-standing members of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce

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Overview of 11890 Services

Call 11890

By calling 11890 Directory Enquiries at any time you will get straight through to Irish operators who know the geography of the country and are familiar with obscure place names. The beauty of this is that 11890 can help you if you're not sure exactly what you are looking for. Our Maps and More feature can help you get out of a sticky situation if you need directions for a business listing as we will send you a pin pointed map to where you need to go, along with directions.

Text 11890

To find the number you need, send an SMS from a mobile phone with your query to 11890 and we will text it back to you.

Search on 11890.ie

11890.ie now has the best online Directory Enquiries in Ireland. We are the only Directory Enquiry company to allow you to easily share a number and get maps, directions and more for all business listings.

Search from Facebook 

11890 bring Directory Enquiries to you via our Facebook application. We are the only Directory Enquiry company to enable our customers to SMS listings from Facebook. 

Tweet @11890

11890 are on Twitter, but with a difference. You can ask us for a Directory Enquiry by sending your request to @11890 and including the hashtag #11890. You can also get in touch with us on Twitter to find out if your business is listed with us, or to see if your business is geo-coded for use with Maps and More.

Call Center Services

11890 are a tried and trusted bespoke call center and customer service provider for the Irish and UK market. Contact corporate@11890.ie with your query.

118900 UK Directory Enquiries

118900 is the number for UK Directory Enquiries. Calls to 118900 are managed in Ireland.

11891 International Directory Enquiries

11891 is the number for international Directory Enquiries. This is an English language service and all calls are managed in Ireland.

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